Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Colombia

In 2007 I went to these countries (second half of trip).


I was in China in 2011 and then again in 2015 for conferences.


I got to go with a group of Villanova students to Egypt a number of times.  Here is the 2008 trip and the 2009 trip.  For the days connecting 2009 and 2010, I got to go with a group of colleagues and friends to Egypt and Jordan.


I was able to get to Israel in 2019.  After the trip sponsored by the JNF, I stayed a few extra days, getting to two wonderful museums.


Coldigioco Conference in 2010 when the IBHA was founded.

Rome – The Eternal City, 2017

Milan – 2019


We also got to travel to Jordan.


Monte Alban, Oaxaca


Zócalo (Plaza de la Constitución) Mexico City

Puerto Rico in 2019


I was at a conference in Moscow in 2012.

And to the Global Studies Conference at Moscow State University in 2017.

South Korea


I got to spend a semester in 2017 teaching in Madrid, and visited a number of politically important sites in the country, including:

  • Ávila – The city is famous as the home of St. Teresa.  The city’s walls were begun in 1090.
  • Barcelona – Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Batlo, Pedrera, and Sagrada Familia are wonderful; sites from the Spanish Civil War were poignant.
  • Córdoba, Spain – An historic Spanish city in Andalusia.
  • Segovia – I got to visit Segovia, Spain with Erick; known best for its Roman aqueduct.
  • Sevilla – We got to visit historic Sevilla during Semana Santa.
  • Toledo – Important city in Roman, Visigoth, Muslim, Reconquest, and early Monarchical periods; symbolic for Franco.


I went with a group of Villanova students to Tunisia in 2012.


I went with a Turkish-American group to Turkey in 2012.